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A blog... that will eventually have words and pictures about my Second Life, My bipolar disorder, Being a survivor of abuse and domestic violence, Rants, and observations. My love of Irony and sense of humor and how it saves me from taking myself too serious

Highs and Lows.

Oh the I fun of going from complete elation and glee..  to feeling so low that you have to pull your chin off the floor.       It happens so often you would think I am used to it … Continue reading

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The Note.

Sure..  I could post this on facebook and scare my friends and family.. but that is not my intent.    I am seriously thinking about dying.  It’s been a lot of years of the same thoughts… it comes with being … Continue reading

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Second Life saved my life.

My first addiction was Barbie.     Like many girls I grew up playing with Barbie.  I loved my dolls.  I loved dressing them, and making homemade clothes for them..  but I also needed them to escape the turmoil and … Continue reading

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