Second Life saved my life.

My first addiction was Barbie.    

Like many girls I grew up playing with Barbie.  I loved my dolls.  I loved dressing them, and making homemade clothes for them..  but I also needed them to escape the turmoil and violence in my household.   Using my imagination I was able to create a world of make believe and luxury that made me feel safe.

I played with my barbies until I was 16.   I was a shy kid… and a bit introverted so one day when I came home from school and I went upstairs to go into my little world .. I found that my whole collection was gone. I frantically looked everywhere but they were all just Gone!    So I ran downstairs screaming to my Mother .. someone stole my barbies!  To which she replied “No.  I threw them in the garbage,  It’s time you grow up and stop hiding in your room” “You are too old to still be playing with dolls”  “Go outside and play”

To say I was devastated would be putting it lightly.  I was destroyed.  How could she just throw away my most prized possessions?!  I had been collecting them for so many years.  They were my friends.  They were my trophies.  They were my escape.    I was so angry but there was nothing I could do … the garbage truck took them away.  And it was now up to me to find some other way to escape.






About BettiRaige

A blog... that will eventually have words and pictures about my Second Life, My bipolar disorder, Being a survivor of abuse and domestic violence, Rants, and observations. My love of Irony and sense of humor and how it saves me from taking myself too serious
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